Kirkbymoorside Methodist Church

We regret that until further notice there will be no worship and no activities of any kind on the premises

About Us

Everyone who comes to the Methodist Church is made welcome. If you have never been before you will find it easy to fit in.

Methodist worship follows a variable informal pattern. There are always hymn books but only occasionally also a prayer book as well. The service is led by a minister or local preacher often assisted by members of the congregation. Most services include music, singing, Bible reading, prayers and a talk. There are some communion services which have a lot in common with Anglican and Roman Catholic ones. Everyone is welcome to receive the bread and wine.

Once a month there is evening worship of a very different style. Seating for Folk & Faith is at small tables. Coffee/tea is served and there is an opportunity for informal discussion before the leader introduces the theme which is illustrated by popular folk music. Periodically we have guest singers as well as local contributors.

Family oriented worship is an integral part of Messy Church sessions which are 4 to 6 pm every third Monday of each month. Contact Richard Sharpe 01439 770031 for details

We look forward to telling you more.

The Church Exterior

Church Exterior
Revd Ken Gowland

Revd Ken Gowland